Since 1964, Rancho Santa Fe Little League has provided youth baseball to our community. An all-volunteer organization, Rancho Santa Fe Little League offers t-ball and baseball to boys and girls ages 4-12 who live or attend school within our little league

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Equipment Recomendations


Beginning January 1, 2018 all bats used in any Little League sanctioned event must meet the new USA Bat Standard and be marked accordingly.  For mor information, please see:

Don't puchase a glove that is too big for your player, give them a chance to develop good fielding skills.  It is very important that the glove be "broken in".  Either start with a used hand-me-down glove, or purchase the "oven oil" treatment to break in the new glove.

Here is How Gloves Are Sized: Fielders gloves and first base mitts are measured by starting at the top of the index finger of the glove down the finger along the inside of the pocket and then out to the heal of the glove using a flexible tape measure.

Here is an 11" glove - click on photo for larger view

Your team will supply practice and game balls specifically designed to meet local league guidelines.  For practice at home, any ball of size 2.94" in diameter (standard baseball) will work fine. One may purchase very inexpensive balls (i.e. non-leather) for home practice.  For beginners, a tee ball is a good idea for minimizing injuries during catching and batting practice.

Athletic Supporters
All male players are required to wear athletic supporters during practice and games. 

Batting Helmets
Batting helmets should bear the "Approved For All Youth Baseball" stamp on them.  Helmets are always provided by the team, but it is a good idea to buy your own helmet.  Some parents prefer to buy the helmets with face protection cages on them.

Recommended for Machine Pitch and above, where the players will be running on dirt baselines.  Metal cleats are not allowed.

Sliding Pants
Strongly recommended for Machine Pitch and above, where the players will be sliding into base.  Where them under the uniform pants during practice and games.

Where to Purchase Baseball Gear
Big5 (949 Lomas Santa Fe Drive)
Sports Authority Encinitas