Since 1964, Rancho Santa Fe Little League has provided youth baseball to our community. An all-volunteer organization, Rancho Santa Fe Little League offers t-ball and baseball to boys and girls ages 4-12 who live or attend school within our little league

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Rancho Santa Fe, CA
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Registration and League Eligibility

How do I know which Little League to register with?
If you are new the Rancho Santa Fe Little League, please verify that you live within our boundaries.  Click the "League Boundaries" tab on the left margin.  Or send an email to with your street address and we will confirm.

What is the registration process? 

Rancho Santa Fe Little League uses an online registration process. The link to register can be found on the Home Page.

When does registration begin? 

Online registration for the Spring Season typical opens at the beginning of November and typically runs until the end of January. Registrations received after evaluations will be placed on a waitlist and processed on a first-come, first-served basis as space becomes available through vacancy, injury, etc. 

How can I be notified that registration for the Spring Season is open? 

All regular communication to our league members are handled through periodic email notifications to our mailing list, which is currently based on our most recent or current season’s registration list. 

What age does my player need to be to participate in Rancho Santa Fe Little League? 

Rancho Santa Fe Little League offers a program for players Little League Age 4 through 12.  To confirm that your child is eligible, please click on the "League Age Calculator" tab on the left margin.

What is my player’s Little League Age?
Rancho Santa Fe Little League uses the Age Eligibility requirements set forth by Little League International.

Are there tryouts for Little League?
All players except those in T-Ball are required to attend evaluations. All players who register and attend evaluations will be placed on a team. 

What financial assistance is available?
Scholarships and assistance is available for families who require financial help. If you require assistance for registration fees or equipment, please e-mail

What other documents will be required?
A medical release form must be completed and returned to the league before your child can participate in evaluations (tryouts) or practices. You will sign this form during registration.

Evaluation Questions

What are Evaluations?
"Evaluations" are sometimes referred to as Try-Outs, and are events that the League holds in which a player’s current baseball skills are evaluated and assessed by Little League division managers. 

Who has to attend Evaluations? 

All players except those in t-ball.

Where are Evaluations? 

Evaluations are held at Richardson Field, unless otherwise noted on the website. 

What happens at Evaluations?
Players will be rated on the following skills: fielding fly balls, fielding ground balls, throwing (from outfield and infield positions), batting, and running. 

How long do Evaluations last? 

It will vary depending on the number of players, but each age group usually takes about 60 minutes. Evaluations are scheduled throughout the day in various groups, please check the schedule on our website for the appropriate time for your player(s). 

What do I need to bring? 

A baseball glove/mitt, cap and cleats. Your player may also bring his own batting helmet and/or bat. Please make sure all of your player’s gear has a name and phone number on it and that it is kept together, preferably in a player bag. Also, please bring water and food, as needed. 

If my player has a bad Evaluation, will he get "cut" or dropped? 

No. All players that attend Evaluations will be placed onto an RSFLL team. 

If all players get on a team, then why does my player need to be evaluated? 

So that your player can be placed into a division that is appropriate for their skill and so that teams can be constructed of equal talent. Little League International requires Leagues to evaluate and assess a player’s skills. The Evaluation is the most effective way to do this.

If it rains before the Evaluations, will the event still be held? 

Yes, but only if the fields are safe. If a rainout is called, it will be posted on the website, and reschedule information will be posted as soon as possible. Please check our website if you are unsure on the day of the Evaluations. 

What happens if my player misses the Evaluation?
All players MUST be Evaluated. Evaluations are required to ensure that all players are placed into the correct division, and to equalize teams. When a player misses the Evaluation, this is not possible. Players who are not Evaluated may be declared ineligible, and if allowed to play will likely be placed in the lowest possible division, according to their age group to avoid putting them onto a team where their skill level is not high enough for them to safely play. Accordingly, it is critical that your player attend an Evaluation. 

Is there a make-up date? 

Yes. The make-up date will be posted on our website.